Would you survive an OSHA safety audit?

Would you survive an OSHA safety audit?

High Hazard Construction

Reduce Claims in Construction Trades

Construction projects can be extremely complex and unique. Each project comes with its own set of risks that can cripple a project or even the company itself. At RJD Risk Management, we specialize in providing high hazard construction companies with simple risk prevention strategies that notably impact the bottom line. We’ve created the patented and trademarked DIAMOND Risk Reduction System® which has predictably reduced the number and cost of claims and lawsuits by more than 63% in the construction trades.

Employee Recruitment and Retention

One of the biggest challenges high hazard construction companies have is construction staffing. It’s critical that they don’t make the mistake of hiring someone to fill a slot, only to find out they are a proverbial worm in the apple that will kill productivity and profitability at the job site. We help solve this problem with teachable methods and testing opportunities that dramatically reduce this risk by more than 63% in most cases.

Legal Entanglements

Another challenge High Hazard construction companies have is the stress of legal entanglements and concern about regulatory compliance over employment law or other OSHA safety requirements. We help solve this problem by providing “pick up the phone” resources to get your questions answered, and subject matter experts to “watch your back” while walking you through issues when they arise.

Insurance Selection

Let’s face it, everyone wants lower insurance and operational costs but without an understanding of the insurance buying process, your company will ultimately face high direct and indirect costs. We know you are tired of the “bid, quote and hope” process that doesn’t require a big deal of customization, customer service and ongoing advisement. At RJD Risk Management, you are a top priority and we are always available to satisfy any needs that may come up unexpectedly.